Information is key, so whether you hire Sunrider Drones or choose to use another operator,

Here is some fundamental information that it is helpful to keep in mind when making your decision, as ultimately, making the wrong decision could work out very costly in the long term.



Altitude & distance limits

Despite what you may have heard, there are legal operating distances for drones.

The maximum height that can be achieved is 400 feet.above ground level. Effectively 400 feet above the current surface the drone is flying over.. The maximum distance from the UAV pilot is 500m in any direction. This is to maintain Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) in case of any issues such as a bird strike or any low flying aircraft suddenly appearing. This can and does happen.

For clarity, drones can obviously travel much higher and further than these legal limits. The limits are there for the safety of everyone, both in the air and on the ground. 

Any valid and compliant insurance policy the operator has in place will only be effective when the assignment is undertaken within the confines of these legal limits.


Safety is paramount

The UAV operator (Pilot) is legally deemed to be in control and legally responsible for safe operation for the entire duration of the flight. By hiring a professional you can rest assured that all necessary pre-flight checks and risk assessments have been carried out and recorded.



We have CAA Approved and legally required EC785/2004 compliant £2m public liability insurance for this work, with increased liability cover available by arrangement. If an operator claims to have insurance then ask to see the policy to ensure it is EC785/2004 compliant. 

If it isn’t, they are operating illegally with no valid insurance in place, which potentially exposes both the client and operator to legal jeopardy if discovered of if an incident should occur.



No 2 assignments are identical, so our pricing is bespoke to each task undertaken.

We do offer competitive rates though, and also ongoing discounts to regular clients, including business and government organisations.

A non refundable deposit is required to secure our services and allow us to carry out necessary safety checks. If for any reason the assignment cannot be completed due to safety concerns raised by ourselves or unforeseen circumstances on our part on the day then obviously we would refund the deposit. 

The balance of payment is required on completing the task

Managed expectations

We will do all we can to accommodate your requirements while at the same time abiding by all current safety legislation.

Safety equipment

When on site we will always have first aid kit and portable fire extinguisher/fire blankets to hand. Where necessary we also temporarily cordon off our take off and landing areas.

Sunrider Drones personnel will be wearing high visibility jackets for easy identification.


We are prepared for  as many eventualities as we can be on-site.

What we need from our clients is a clear brief of exactly the material they require beforehand, so that on the day we can capture this material is a safe and efficient and timely manner.

Use of material

We reserve the right to use selected material from assignments on our social media pages to illustrate services we offer.

Wherever possible this material will be non identifiable to a particular property.

If you would prefer that material from your assignment isn’t used in this way then please let us know.

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